Trump’s speech encouraging police to be ‘rough,’ annotated

Trump’s speech encouraging police to be ‘rough,’ annotated

Friday, President Trump traveled to Long Island to speak with a group of law enforcement officials and talk about government efforts to eradicate Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13. His speech contributed to this issue, but he also noted the health vote on Thursday night.

Trump’s speech was, however, notable for the adoption of aggressive tactics by the police.

He emphasized the fact that his team was “difficult” and urged the police not to deal with the prevention of physical damage to detainees. The laws, he said, are “stacked against” police.

“It’s not too good,” Trump officials said, clapping. Below are your comments, as provided by the White House, with our lights and our annotations. To view an annotation, click the yellow text and highlight it.

Well thank you very much. This is definitely home to me. I spent a lot of time here.

I was in Queens, so I come here, and it was like luxury location for me. And I like. I love the people here. Even from the airport, I sat down with Nikki Haley, who is here in one place.

Where is our Nikki? Ambassador Nikki Haley, who is so amazing. (Applause.) And she saw crowds in her life, and she said, boy, these are really big crowds. A crowd of people lining the streets to the end. And it really is a special place. So when I heard that, I said I wanted to.
But I really wanted to not do it because of the location, but because, as you know, I am the great great believer and admirer of people in law enforcement, okay? Since first day. (Applause.) From day one.

We love our police. We love our sheriffs. And we love our ICE agents. And they worked hard. (Applause.) Thank you. It worked hard.

Together we will restore security in our streets and peace in our communities, and we will destroy the viladime crime, MS-13 and many other bands. But MS-13 is particularly violent. They do not like filming people, because it’s too fast, too fast.

I was reading – one of these animals was taken – explaining, they like to cut and cut, and let them die slowly because it is more painful, and they like to look a lot more. They are animals.

Now we are police and sheriffs from Suffolk, Nassau, Dutchess and Ulster counties; New York State Police and New Jersey – many of you know, good friends; Agents of the Immigration and Customs Service; And the staff responsible for the enforcement of the many federal agencies. We are responsible for the big people is what I call.
And I just want to say all together, right now, the reason I came – this is the most important sentence for me on behalf of the Americans, I mean thank you. Thank you very much. (Applause.) Thank you.

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