One Dead in Knife Attack at German Supermarket

One Dead in Knife Attack at German Supermarket

BERLIN, Germany (AP) – A man holding a large knife was wounded and wounded five others on Friday in an attack at a supermarket in Hamburg, Germany, police said. The attacker was arrested while trying to flee.

Police said the attacker was a 26-year-old man who was born in the United Arab Emirates but did not reveal his name.

Investigators said they were still trying to determine citizenship, but Hamburg Mayor Olaf Scholz said it looked like the attacker was someone who should have been forced to leave Germany.

The young man was not expelled, M. Scholz said, because he lacked the necessary identity and travel documents.

“What irritates me is that it seems that the attacker is someone who seeks protection here in Germany and then turned his hatred on us,” said M. Scholz.

Police refused to provide any information suggesting a motive for the attack, but said they had not ruled out the possibility that it was an act of terrorism.

Germany has been the target of several attacks by Islamic extremists in the past year and authorities affected by the people who returned to the country after fighting for an Islamic state in Syria or Iraq.

Federal Bureau of Investigation officials believe that there may be 274 people who like this, and do not have enough evidence to retain them.
Germany Berlin launch Attack suspect participation as ISIS claims December 20, 2016
Terrorist is also the concern that he could enter the country during the wave of mass immigration in 2015.

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A woman identified as a cashier in the supermarket told the private television channel N-24 24 hours that the man had shouted “Allahu Akbar”, which means God is great in Arabic, after attacking people in the store.

The attacker injured others in the street after he lost the supermarket, but was fought by passers-by, who kept it until the police arrived.

German media showed images of the assailant in the back seat of a police car, his face covered with a bloodstained cloth, which police said were derived from the injuries.

Police identified the man who died only as a 50-year-old German, who was stabbed in the supermarket. A 50-year-old woman and four men were injured in the attack. Police said another man was injured while helping to defeat the attacker.

Last summer, a series of attacks, including one by an unaccompanied minor refugee who attacked passengers on a train with an ax, and another refugee who detonated an explosives bag near a bar in southern Germany shook the country .

The two attackers had pledged allegiance to the Islamic state, such as Anis Amri, the man who drove a truck at a Christmas market on December 19, killing 12 people in the worst terrorist attack in the country for decades.

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