News in Numbers: Bharti Airtel adds 600,000 subscribers in July

What is that? It added the number of Bharti Airtel subscribers in July, according to the Association of Cellular Operators of India (IBOC). Because it is important? This is reflected in strong competition, especially with the entry of Reliance Jio last year, which triggered a huge price war in the market.

Airtel was able to maintain its market share at 29.61% against 29.62% in June this year. However, four companies – Vodafone, Idea Cellular, Aircel and Telenor – lost 4.37 million customers in July. Reliance Jio’s market share increased slightly, from 12.38% in the previous month to 12.99% in July. Continue with me: India’s total subscriber base is 949 million, totaling 3.78 million in July.

What is that? The number of major institutional investors at Infosys would have asked the company to bring former CEO Nandan Nilekani back to his forum. Because it is important? After former Chief Executive Vishal Sikka left Friday as part of an ongoing battle between the company’s founder and the Board of Directors, Infosys shares reached a three-year high Monday.

Investors in the company are willing to end the ongoing dispute and bring the company back to stability. Reports suggest that Nilekani, an Infosys co-founder, can accept an offer to be the non-executive chairman, which could mean that company president R. Seshasayee could resign in the near future, which could result In significant changes in the table.

Tell me more: the group of institutional investors who have written a letter to the board of Infosys owns about 10% of the shares of the company, which is slightly lower than 12.75% in the hands of retired founders and their families. Y? The number of people who died of swine flu until August 20 of this year.

Because it is important? This is four times the number of deaths from swine flu recorded in full last year (265). The number of cases has increased several times to 22,186 from the start of August 20 against 1,876 cases last year. Swine flu or H1N1 virus is relatively a new strain of influenza virus whose symptoms affect those of regular flu and are highly contagious.

It has been said in the post-pandemic period in August 2010 by the World Health Organization, which does not exclude localized outbreaks of different sizes to show significant levels of transmission of H1N1 flu. Continue: India suffered the worst swine flu in 2009-10, when 2,700 people died and affected about 50,000 people.

What is that? The denomination of note Rs 200 will soon become legal. Because it is important? Note Rs 200 will fill a gap because there is no exchange of bills between Rs 100 and R 500. In addition, a higher percentage of lower denomination bills, it will be more difficult to earn black money.

Tell me more August 11 this year, the currency in circulation was 15.7 trillion rupees, or about 89% of what was outstanding November 4, 2016, four days before the demonetization. What is it? The annual income level from which other back castes (OBC) candidates will not be eligible for reserve benefits in educational institutions and government educational institutions.

Because it is important? The revised limit is higher than 33% at the current cutting law of Rs 6 lakh, but is much lower than Rs 10.5 lakh suggested by the National Commission for upward classes. A research study conducted in 2014 revealed that the reserve increased the participation of CBOs in government jobs and higher education.

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