IAS Books for Civil Services Prelims and Mains Exam Preparation with NCERT Books

If you have the question “What books are needed to clear IAS?” In his mind, we hope this message to clear all your doubts.

Take over mattress entries, a detailed list of the best IAS books available in the market according to the latest program for each UPSC topic and Prelims area is given below.

Candidates can click on each link to buy books online at reduced prices. Links to IAS study free of charge online material also provided in this post (see the previous section). Take maximum advantage. All the best!

To break the Indian administrative review two things are certain.

You need a very strong feeling of atttached emotion to give the top 100. Why I say this because every time an emotion unconsciously adds to a thought that is destined to become a reality.
You need a stratergy that is better than 999900 people (taking into account the previous years may appear nearly 10 lakh applications in 2017)
Now, many people are talking about ploys only one thing is definitely the more thorough investigation is most likely that the test is erased.

If some way can read the pattern on the type of questions asked in previous years about economics, politics, history, science and geography and start preparing accordingly cover the most important issues subject wise. Do not neglect any detail.

One thing is sure that the UPSC event asks <1.5 year olds and events for MAINS preliminary round.

Thus, each year will have to study for one year. One thing prevents people from achieving success in a year of preparation is that its base are not strong enough not to have studied the prescribed books and reviewed and wastes needed more time in newspapers, etc.

They are not clear on what to do and what to stop Hindu, Indian Express, etc. There are very few books on the market that can help candidates prepare for the network.

One thing is sure if you want to break following the mantra above.

This is the model in which you are testing UPSC.

You will be able to break the exam only if its basic concepts are 100 percent safe because then only you will be able to decode the current issues of important domestic and international according to the requirement of UPSC

There is a model for all. Only a few people know they are making the merit list. Now I want you to look at this closely if you can read the pattern that will break

After a Booklist review is the most important UPSC aspect. Please do not go for false training notes are a waste of time and money and also the presentation is horrible.

How to read NCERT Books for UPSC

First, all NCERTs are required. With respect to UPSC, we need to examine only these two categories of NCERT books

It requires a complete reading

History: NCERTs Ancient 9 and 10 (History of the world), 11 and 12 (ancient, medieval and modern)
Geographic: 11 and 12
2-3 required readings

Social Sciences: 11th and 12th Political Science and Sociology (New NCERTs)
Therefore, you only have 7-8 pounds NCERT must know thoroughly and about 10 others, you must have read atleast more than 1 time.

Generally you will find training institutes and blogs focusing on how you need to cover 50 + NCERT books from class 6 to 12 religiously which is totally unrealistic and is not recommended. You lose a lot of precious time going through these 50 + pounds without enough progress.

Einstein was famous cited:

Education is what remains after having forgotten everything, he learned at school.


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