Elon Musk hands over first 30 Tesla Model 3s, but warns of ‘production hell’ ahead

Elon Musk hands over first 30 Tesla Model 3s, but warns of ‘production hell’ ahead

The dark fall time. A rocket launcher style begins the countdown. Joyful music releases a heavy drama. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 takeoff.

The headlights glow on stage, and a Tesla Red model 3 rolls a ramp.

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The car stops. A dramatic pause, and there it is! Director Elon Musk – the man who makes electric cars – cool off, heading towards the edge of the stage to present the new vehicle “middle market”.

A crowd of thousands – mostly Tesla employees – becomes savage.

It’s supposed to be a party time for Fremont, off the assembly plant for the renegade rental company. Tesla fans have waited months for the first series production car to now hit the road.

But the musk talks for about 15 minutes, the first 30 vehicles will be delivered to their new owners – all Tesla employees – and that’s it. The long awaited show is over.

Now, this is the difficult part. Tesla said Friday that there were at least 500,000 previous deposits in the car.

The company can make them go through hundreds of thousands and retain the flowing investment capital to pay for it, is a question that many investors in Tesla stocks wonder every day.

Before the performance, in a meeting with the media, musk warned against the “six months of production of hell” to come.

The production model should slowly start 3 100 cars in August, 150 in September, followed by what is called a “exponential” musk hop to 20,000 per month, the new year. On stage, musk has extended this period of nine months possible.

A press release issued Friday Tesla offered unpublished details. The base price of the car, $ 35,000 before incentives, was well known.

The prices of add-ons were not. It turns out that options ranging from luxury wheels to self driving ability could drive the price to $ 60,000.

Some other details have emerged: the range of models is from 3 to 220 miles. For an extra $ 9000, a larger battery can increase the 310 mile range. The zero time is from 5.6 to 60 seconds.

The company expects to sell 500,000 cars, including S and X. Last year, it sold about 76,000 vehicles in total.

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